Hope Chest Wood Projects Plans to Build For Your Daughter to Treasure

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Hope chest wood projects plans make an ideal beginners woodworking project as within the assembly of these you will practice many woodworking beginner skills.

For a the hope chest wood projects plans you will need to practice the following woodworking skills

Hope Chest Wood Projects Plans Tasks Overview

  • Review the hope chest wood projects plans thoroughly for understanding
  • Calculate all the timber lengths required to ensure they are all at hand
  • Measure and mark-up for cutting; all the timber pieces from the hope chest wood projects plans specifications
  • Check measure your mark-ups before cutting all the timber pieces against the hope chest wood projects plans
  • Cut all the timber to the correct sizes
  • Sand and buff all timber to ensure they are smooth
  • Glue the cut timbers to form the sides and lid of the hope box
  • Fit wooden strengtheners to the hope box
  • Drill holes for fixtures and fittings
  • Fit hinges for the lid
  • Attach fittings for the handles
  • Finish the hope chest with an appropriate finisher of your choice

What Are Hope Chests

In anticipation of a married life, a maiden owns a “hope chest” where she could store her garments and linens to prepare her for a new life. You should not mistake a hope chest with a bride chest, though. A bride chest is that which is given by the groom to his bride on their wedding day. A hope chest, as its name suggests, is both a tradition and a symbol of hope among unmarried women of getting married.

Hope Chests Make Great Gifts and Heirlooms

Although traditions are evolving through time, the worth of hope chests still remains. And having this symbolic chest as a present to your daughter, granddaughter, friends, or even yourself will surely be a source of happiness both to the receiver and to you, as the giver. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to buy one from a store. Given a free time and will, you can create a personalized hope chest where you can practice your creativity.

hope chest wood projects plans
In anticipation of a married life, a maiden owns a “hope chest” where she could store her garments and linens to prepare her for a new life

Easy Hope Chest Wood Projects Plans

Do not worry if you have never tried any woodworking projects before, you can always turn to the internet for help. After familiarizing yourself with the basics of woodworking, you can then browse for hope chest plans to guide you in working on the chest. With these plans which are available online, you do not have to start from scratch.

After choosing the best and easiest plan amidst all the hope chest plans swarming the internet; make necessary alterations in the design and details of the chest. Let your work be a reflection of your personality or of the one you want to give the hope chest to. Easy enough, right?
Now to further help you in your hope chest project, here are some tips on what you can do with your finished product.

  • Let the chest be the storage of love letters, photographs, and items that carry sentimental values.
  • Display the chest somewhere in your room.
  • Traditionally, hope chests are placed at the end of the bed to function as a storage box and a seat.
  • Hand it down to your daughter
  • Ask your daughter to do the same to your grandchild

This will make the hope chest an important treasure in your family handed down through several generations.

Hope Chests Easy Wood Projects

Almost every girl dreams to get married someday, but there will always be that thought of sadness in leaving her family. A stylish and personalized hope chest will ease that gloom from your daughter and will be a beautiful gift for her to treasure. Don’t worry with the help of some easy hope chest wood projects plans, some good quality wood and some quality varnish or  wood finisher this will be much easier than you think

Check out the whole range of woodworking plans detailed here including hope chest diy wood projects plans and get started building today.

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